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Broward Teachers Union Unites for a Cause: Supporting the Chris Hixon Foundation 5K Run/Walkathon

The Broward Teachers Union (BTU) continues to exemplify its dedication to community engagement and meaningful causes, as President Anna Fusco and other BTU members recently participated in the Chris Hixon Foundation 5K Run/Walkathon.

The event, organized by the Chris Hixon Foundation in honor of the late athletic director Chris Hixon, brought together individuals from across the community to raise awareness and support for initiatives promoting school safety, athletics, and the arts. As advocates for education and the well-being of students, the BTU’s participation in the event underscores its commitment to supporting causes that resonate deeply within the community.

Anna Fusco, alongside fellow BTU members, joined participants in the spirited 5K run/walkathon, demonstrating solidarity and unity in their shared mission to honor Chris Hixon’s legacy and contribute to the foundation’s impactful work. Their presence not only showcased the BTU’s unwavering support for community causes but also symbolized the collective strength and compassion of Broward’s educators.

By actively participating in the Chris Hixon Foundation 5K Run/Walkathon, the BTU reaffirmed its commitment to making a positive difference beyond the classroom walls. Through their involvement, BTU members embraced the opportunity to engage with the community, foster connections, and contribute to initiatives aimed at fostering safer and more vibrant educational environments for all students.

As the BTU continues to champion community causes and advocate for the well-being of students and educators alike, the union’s participation in events like the Chris Hixon Foundation 5K Run/Walkathon serves as a powerful reminder of the transformative impact that collective action and solidarity can have in creating positive change within our communities.

Moving forward, the BTU remains steadfast in its commitment to standing alongside community partners, supporting worthy causes, and uplifting the voices of educators and students alike. Through collaboration, advocacy, and a shared sense of purpose, the BTU continues to inspire hope and drive meaningful progress for the betterment of Broward County and beyond.

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