A message from President Anna Fusco

Welcome to the Broward Teachers Union! We are honored that you’ve chosen to invest in your career by joining more than 11,500 Teachers, Paraprofessionals, Technical Service Professionals and Pembroke Pines Charter School Professionals who belong to the Broward Teachers Union, the fifth largest school district in the country.

In joining BTU, you’ve chosen to take ownership of your professional life and have a voice in decisions that affect your career. Remember that being a unionist begins with YOU. Like everything in life, you get as much out of being a BTU member as you put into it. What does that mean?

BTU is a grassroots organization run by its members

Its elected officers are union members. Our collective voice is only as strong as our members make it. So, when there is a town hall meeting, a rally, a school board meeting public comment session, a picnic or an open house, COME—and bring your colleagues. Remember that every colleague is a potential member that can make us stronger.

The stronger our union, the greater our voice at the bargaining table

You are part of the 11,000 voices advocating for better salaries, working conditions and health insurance.

Broward Teachers Union is committed to supporting you

As a BTU member, you never have to go it alone.

  • Your worksite steward can answer questions about any aspect of your work life, your contract and your working conditions.
  • Don’t ever attend a disciplinary meeting without union representation, whether it is your union steward or a BTU field staff representative.
  • BTU provides FREE professional developments.
  • Field staff is there to provide further representation when needed.

Get Involved

We have many committees, steward positions and educational forums, as well as myriad events throughout the year. Visit this website often to keep up on the latest news, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

We look forward to seeing you.

In Solidarity,

Anna Fusco