A union works through the strength and involvement of its members. BTU has a host of internal and external committees, and we need the involvement of more members to help them grow and to ensure that all bargaining units are fairly represented.

To ask to be appointed to a committee, e-mail The committee chair or a BTU staff member will contact you to answer any questions you have and inform you of the meeting schedule.
raise hand

Meeting schedules vary. Some committees meet once a month while others meet as needed. Each committee chair updates the executive board at the monthly meeting.

If you have questions or require more information about any of our internal or external committees, contact President Anna Fusco at or 954-486-6250. Thank you for being BTU strong!

Internal Committees   External Committees

Budget: review internal budget and make recommendations to the Executive Board

LGBTQ Awareness: discuss issues and suggest strategies to support students and members who are members of the LGBTQ committee

review current constitution and make recommendations to the Executive Board

Future Leaders: a mentoring program for members who are interested in serving their union as an Executive Board member, field staff representative or executive officer/manager

Grievance: constitutional committee to hear member appeals to the grievance process/recommendations made by field staff

Scholarships: consider student applications and award college scholarship funds

Civil and Human Rights: educate and engage members in human rights and diversity issues; sponsor events including health fairs, holiday toy drive and Saturday reading programs

COPE-TIGER: increase visibility and communication with election officials, lobby legislators, participate in member education, candidate screenings and political functions

Elections: assist in contract ratifications, vote counts and internal election processes

ESE Task Force: discuss issues and suggest recommendations/improvements for contract negotiations and/ or make presentations to the SBBC on behalf of members

Sick Leave Bank: consider employee applications and award sick days.


AFL/CIO: participate with other unions in the county to advocate for all AFL-CIO members

Attendance: review the district's attendance policies; suggest revisions or additions to align with state requirements and member needs

BRIDGES Evaluation: review the district's evaluations policies and procedures; suggest revisions or additions to align with state and contract requirements

Calendar: determine the district calendar for next school year, including holidays, planning and testing days

Code of Student Conduct: review the district's discipline matrix, consider complaints/needs from schools, suggest revisions or additions

Data Review Collection: study and recommend procedures to the superintendent for eliminating, reducing, revisions and consolidation of employee paperwork requirements

EERC: task force to study the current evaluation system and make recommendations to the superintendent for a new/revised system that will better meet Broward's needs

Facilities Task Force: review complaints/needs of schools; suggest revisions or additions

Health and Safety Advisory: consider health complaints/needs from schools including indoor air qualtiy; suggest revisions or additions

Indoor Air Quality Advisory: consider health comp0laints/needs from schools, suggest revisions or additions

Insurance Task Force: make recommendations on the Superintendent's Insurance Committee

Policy 6000.1:
review the academic entities of the district and recommend policies to the SBBC based on the superintendent's requests

TDIF: review applications and determine award amounts

ESP College Incentives: consider employee applications and award incentives

ESP Labor Task Force: review contract issues, make recommendations

ESP Professional Development Committee:
organize and set up NESPO and make recommendations for steward trainings