2021-22 CSP Negotiations

December 06, 2021
CSP negotiators met with City of Pembroke Pines HR director and several Charter principals on Dec 6, 2021. The contract is being renewed for another three years.


  • Updating employee evaluations and salaries was the focus of the meeting.

  • BTU proposed a salary increase of
       - $2900 for grandfathered teachers on continual contract.
       - Teachers on annual contract with an adjusted salary based on       their 2020-21 performance evaluation:
              • Approximately $3050 increase for highly effective
              • $2290 for effective
  • In addition we asked that the rate of compensation for covering classes during teacher planning be increased from $25 to $40.

We anticipate a counter proposal from the City and an update to our current evaluation system within the contract just after the holidays.
Next session is TBA.