Frequently Asked Questions

The Broward Teachers Union (Local #1975) was founded in 1969.

The union maintains office and conference facilities at 6000 North University Drive in Tamarac, Florida. Tamarac is centrally located northwest of Fort Lauderdale in South Florida’s Broward County.

Presently, the union has more than 10,000 members. It is the certified bargaining agent of all education professionals, technical support professionals and education support professionals working for Broward County Public Schools as well as Charter School Professionals who work for the City of Pembroke Pines Charter School System.

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The union works to provide quality, efficient, member-focused services, with the intent of improving the economic and professional status of the county’s educators.

The front page of the union’s website is constantly updated with the most current information available. All information posted on the website’s front page and on BTU’s Facebook Page, which can be found HERE. Members are encouraged to share their comments and responses to BTU Facebook posts.

Following each unit’s respective negotiations sessions, an update will be posted on the website here.

Education Professionals should contact the Certification Department for the School Board of Broward County with certification questions by calling 754.321.2320. Members can also send an email to certificationrequests@browardschools.com.

Technical Support Professionals who require certification for their jobs should contact the Department of Talent Acquisition & Operations (Non Instructional) with questions or concerns at 754.321.1810.

The State of Florida’s Certification Hotline can be reached at 1.800.445.6739. Answers to questions are provided after 72 hours. Charter School Professionals are advised to contact the State of Florida Certification Department directly.

If members experience trouble receiving an answer from the local certification office, they need to let their field representative know as soon as possible or calling the union office at 954.486.6250.


In-service opportunities are voluntary. Each school has an in-service coordinator. Identify this person and contact them with any questions. An in-service calendar is available in each school and is usually located on the main bulletin board. This contains all approved in-service courses. Twenty in-service points is equivalent to one college credit. If a teacher needs a printout of their in-service points, the in-service coordinator can obtain this at the school site.

BTU’s Professional Development Department offer training for in-service credit.


Teacher Directed Improvement Funds applications for Broward County Education Professionals are sent to each worksite during the school year or as funds are available. Only Education Professionals are eligible for TDIF.

To locate your salary level refer to the current contract. The payroll secretary at your school can also assist with questions about your contract.

The first person for members to contact is the person responsible for doing the payroll at each respective worksite. Part of his/her job is to contact the payroll department for information or corrections. The district’s payroll department personnel will not speak to individual teachers. The contract contains language about payroll errors and over-payment. The District can only go back two years in an over-payment situation and repayment schedule should be negotiated between the teacher and the district.

Each school has a designated insurance contact (teacher/secretary) that is responsible for checking over and collecting forms at open enrollment and for getting any new information from the Benefits Department to the teachers. Find out who this person is and utilize him/her.

Insurance companies have placed their representatives at the School Board Benefits office. Any questions or concerns should be directed to these people.