Pay by Check Option
While signing up for eDues is safe and secure and very easy, we recognize that a few members prefer an alternative solution. So BTU is providing the opportunity to pay by check. Members electing to do so make either make one Annual Payment in September or four installments due throughout the school year on specified dates.

Who do I notifiy of my intent to pay by check?
Send e-mail to to inform BTU that you will be paying annually (1 check) or 4 installments.

Who should check by made payable to?
    Broward Teachers Union
    6000 N University Drive
    Tamarac, FL 33321
    (NOTE: Include member's first and last name and work site name on check.)

What is the amount an when is it due?
Payments must be received by BTU on or before the dates indicated.

Pay by Check - Annual
Amount Must be received
by BTU on or before
EP $939 09/15/23
ESP $475.20 09/15/23
TSP $939 09/15/23
CSP $939 09/15/23

Pay by Check - 4 installments
Dues per
Must be received
by BTU on or before
1 2 3 4
EP $234.75 09/15/23 11/24/23 2/2/24 04/12/24
ESP $118.80 09/15/23 11/24/23 2/2/24 04/12/24
TSP $234.75 09/15/23 11/24/23 2/2/24 04/12/24
CSP $234.75 09/15/23 11/24/23 2/2/24 04/12/24



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