COPE donations empower a greater collective voice for all members. Elected officials must clearly recognize the link between the union’s political influence and its legislative program

COPE-TIGER serves as the Political Action Committee of the Broward Teachers Union. The committee functions in accordance with state and local election laws.

All education stakeholders need to be politically active. Policies and legislation have created a world for educational professionals that make it almost impossible for them to do their jobs successfully. It takes legislative change to remove those impediments.

COPE-TIGER vets and recommends strong advocates for public education. Their support of education issues largely results from our political influence. As a unified group, we have an impact on decisions that affect us and our students.

The activities of COPE-TIGER are funded by voluntary contributions to COPE by union members. Donations of just $1.20 per pay period are used to contribute to the campaigns of candidates who support our educational causes. Union dues dollars do not fund the committee’s activities in any way.

The COPE committee reviews and approves candidates for BTU  endorsement.