Empowering Educators For Success

A Union of Education, Technical Support, Charter School and Education Support Professionals

Individual Empowerment:

Joining BTU means investing in your career, taking ownership, and actively participating for personal and professional growth.

Collective Strength through Engagement

BTU is a grassroots organization where member involvement strengthens the collective voice, influencing better conditions through active participation in events and meetings.

Comprehensive Member Support

BTU provides support with worksite stewards, representation in disciplinary meetings, and free professional development, emphasizing a commitment to members' success and well-being.

Keep Up to Date with Negotiations

"Join the Broward Teachers Union, where we're always striving for the best possible working conditions for our educators. Stay informed and engaged by keeping up with our negotiations. Together, we're shaping a brighter future for education."

Contract Information

Education Professionals

Technical Support Professionals

Education Support Professionals

Charter School Professionals

Need Help?

Contact the Field Staff Representative assigned to your school or work site.

Professional Development

Meet the Needs of Diverse Learners

Professional Development, Certification Requirements, and Growth

Promoting Health, Safety, and Well-being

Adapting to Remote and Blended Learning Environments

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What Our Members Say about BTU

(Names and photos have been replaced to protect the privacy of actual members)

“I was worried about losing my job, Anna came to my school and to my defense and saved my career.”
Kelvin Smith
“The professional development that BTU provided saved me time and money, and I learned a lot.”
Zasha Swan
“My principal heard BTU was coming to my meeting, and miraculously the issue was resolved in advance.”
Frank Jones
“The BTU has been my backbone throughout my career. Their tireless efforts in negotiating for better working conditions have allowed me to focus on what matters most- providing quality education to my students.”
Jack Brownn