Tell the Board "WHY"
Take Action:
Going back to a regular classroom to teach face to face is a concern to many of us. Share your thoughts with the board!

Create an 8 second video with your phone telling them "WHY" and e-mail it to the board and Mr. Runcie

Here are some examples:

E-mail all Board Members:
E-mail individual Board Members

At Large Bartleman, Robin
At Large Korn, Donna (Vice Chair)
District 1 Murray, Ann
District 2 Good, Patricia
District 3 Brinkworth, Heather (Chair)
District 4 Alhadeff, Lori
District 5 Osgood, Dr. Rosalind
District 6 Levinson, Laurie Rich
District 7 Rupert, Nora


Superintendent   Runcie, Robert