Tweet for Your Job!

The Legislature is already out of control. We need to let them hear from us. Create your tweet and tag the legislators. Be sure to to include the following hashtags on your tweet: #FundOurFutureFL #4EveryStudent #RedForEd @BrowardTeachers @FloridaEA

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HOUSE Education Committeee Twitter Handles
31 Sullivan (Ch) R @voteforjennifer 34 Massullo  R @RalphMassullo
67 Latvala (Vice) R @ChrisLatvala 116 Perez R @Daniel_PerezFL
115 Aloupis R @valoupis 22 Stone  R @RepCharlieStone
52 Altman R @RepThadAltman 46 Antone D None
11 Byrd R @CordByrd 109 Bush D None 
80 Donalds R @ByronDonalds 14 Daniels D @KimDanielsFl
26 Fetterhoff R @BetterWFetter 84 HoganJohnson D @delores_fl
36 Mariano  R @ambermariano 62 Valdes D @SusanLValdes
        92 Williams D @patwilliams4u

SENATE Education Committeee Twitter Handles
36 Diaz (Ch) R @SenMannyDiazJr 9 Simmons R @DSimmonsFL
3 Montford(Vice) R None 8 Perry R @KeithPerryFL
12 Baxley R @dennisbaxley 31 Berman D @loriberman
22 Stargel R @kellistargel 18 Cruz D @janetcruz62

Sample Tweets about Vouchers
  • "Tax credit" voucher schemes divert public $ into unaccountable, private schools. This new voucher would be funded directly from general revenue funneling more funds from neighborhood public schools.
  • 2016 FL Supreme Court: "The diversion of money not only reduces public funds for public education but also uses public funds to provide for an alternative education in private schools that are not subject to the 'uniformity' requirements for public schools.
  • Supporters of the voucher refer to it as a way to help "low-income students," but a family of four w/an income of $77,250 would be eligible for the voucher in the 2019-20 school year
  • By 2022-23, the proposed voucher for “low income families” threshold is raised to $86,572--more than 1.5 times the median family income in Florida.
  • Our legislators must address the over 10,000 teacher vacancies projected next school year. This means increasing the base student allocation so teachers and staff can get raises they deserve.
  • All schools that receive taxpayer dollars should be held to the same meaningful accountability standards. To do otherwise is a disservice not only to the students who attend unaccountable schools but to the taxpayers who fund them.