2021 Florida Legislative Session


2021 Florida Legislative Session Starting Date: March 2, 2021
Staff from the Broward Teachers Union and the Florida Education Association (FEA) actively monitor legislation which includes issues relating to education, union busting and others.


Bills to Watch - Support
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  • HB 359 — Impact on School Accountability,
    what it does:
    This a hold harmless bill, so no grades or evaluations count against educators, students, or schools for the past year due to “Covid Slide” (FL PTA & FSBA SUPPORT)

  • HB 489 — Student Identification Cards,
    what it does:
    Requires Principals to ensure crisis prevention hotline & text line and behavioral health hotline & text line numbers to be printed on the back of each Student ID card.

  • HB 99 — Use of Epinephrine Auto-Injectors on Public K-20 Campuses,
    what it does:

    Provides that all public K-12 and Florida Colleges & Universities are considered authorized entities for the purpose of emergency use of Epinephrine Auto-Injectors a.k.a. Epi Pens and required to have one on campus

  • HB 167 — Sale, Transfer, or Storage of Firearms,
    what it does:

    Requirements for safe storage of firearms, criminal penalties if a person fails to secure their firearm properly, criminally negligent if faulty storage of firearm

Bills to Watch - Oppose
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  • SB 78 — Dues and Uniform Assessments,
    what it does:
    šMakes is very difficult for employees to remain a member of their union....big government union busting bill

  • SB 48 — Educational Scholarship Programs,
    what it does:

    šA bill that greatly expands the current school voucher program (public dollars going to private schools)

  • SB 1014 — Employee Organizations,
    what it does:
  • Regarding Teacher and Education Support Employee Unions (TSP & ESP), requires an employee union whose membership by a certain date must be greater than 50% of all eligible employees or they must petition the (PERC) Public Employee Relations Commission for recertification

  • SB 84 — Retirement,
    what it does:

    Closes/ends the Florida Retirement System (FRS Pension) to new employees effective July 1, 2022 - will have a 401K system

  • SB 264 — Higher Education,
    what it does:

    Specifies that Florida Colleges and Universities may not “shield students” from protected free speech even if from groups affiliated with White Supremacist Organizations

  • SB 220 — Public Records and Public Meetings,
    what it does:

    Will prevent Colleges and Universities from listing who is applying to be President of the institution which opens the door for future exemptions such as school superintendent searches

  • SB 149 — Students with Disabilities in Public Schools,
    what it does:

    Prohibits use of seclusion, allows use of Video Cameras in specified classrooms (ESE) and requires continuing education and in-service training for teachers who teach students with emotional or behavioral disabilities

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