2020 Florida Legislative Session


Governor DeSantis is proposing a statewide starting salary for teachers of $47,500

While it’s a step in the right direction, there are many concerns. He provided little details and what he did not say speaks volumes.
  • He made no mention of what, if anything, would be done for experienced teachers, meaning an 18 year seasoned veteran will only be making a few hundred more than a brand new college grad (not good for morale).
  • He did not explain where the funding would come from and if the funding source would be sustainable after the first year, meaning it may just rearrange the already low state dollars being spent on education.
  • He did not indicate if there would be any geographic adjustments for cost of living, meaning that higher cost Districts like Broward will have a challenge to compete with less expensive areas. Currently those Districts fund a higher starting salary to help offset that difference.
  • In addition he mentioned nothing about the woefully underpaid paraprofessionals who do some of the toughest jobs (changing diapers, behavior mgt,etc) for $11-$14 per hour.
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2020 Florida Legislative Session Begins Jan 14, 2020
Staff from the Broward Teachers Union and the Florida Education Association (FEA) actively monitor legislation which include issues relating to education, union busting and others. Check out those bills and budget proposals below!

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