The BTU's Committee of Political Education / Teachers in Government and Education Reform (COPE-TIGER) evaluates candidates for office and offers endorsements of those candidates whose platform and philosophies favor education and educators.

Primary Voting Day is August 28, 2018.

Broward County School Board
     District 1 Jim Silvernale
     District 6 Laurie Rich Levinson
     District 7 Nora Rupert
     District 8 Donna Pilger Korn
1/2 Mil Referendum Yes
US Congress
District 20 Alcee L Hastings
District 22 Ted Deutch
District 24 Frederica Wilson
State Representatives
District 92 Patricia Hawkins-Williams
District 96 Kristin D. Jacobs
District 97 Jared Evan Moskowitz
District 98 Michael A. Gottlieb
District 103 Rick Tapia,
District 105 Ross Hancock
State Senate
District 34 Gary Farmer
Florida Government
Attorney General Sean Shaw
Judicial - Circuit 17
Group 8 Ernest Albert Kollra
Group 36 Kristin Weisberg Padowitz
Group 38 Melissa Minsk Donoho
Group 39 Camille Coolidge-Shotwell
Group 42 Michael Usan
Group 43 Dan Casey
Group 46 H. James Curry
County Court
Group 9 Tanner Channing Demmery
Group 10 Robert F. "Bob" Diaz
Group 17 Michael Davis
Group 19 Allison Gilman
Group 19 John "Jack" Phillips
Group 19 Jackie Powell
Group 25 Robert W. Lee
County Commission
District 2 Mark Bogen
District 6 Quentin "Beam" Furr