Updated 04/04/2020

Important Info
PRE-K to receive
Best & Brightest (0404)

Thanks to perseverance and innovative negotiating, BTU has achieved a big win for all pre-K teachers and ESPs. President Fusco successfully convinced the District to find money to include pre-K teachers and ESPs in the Best & Brightest MOU that teachers and ESPs will be voting on during the April 13-15 ratification voting. Read More

BCPS Calendar
(as of 0403)

This is the expected BCPS Calendar through the end of the current school year as of April 3. It is subject to change. View

What are Principals Being Told? (0401)

Here's what the District is telling Principal's (Portions in red are new) View
Broward County
Emergency Order (3/26)

Directing Shelter-in-Place: Safer at Home Read Order
Do NOT Report
to Schools (3/31)

Your admin can NOT require you to report to your site, nor do you need to feel pressured to report "voluntarily". Keep yourself Safe. READ MORE
CARES Act Summary The U.S. Senate on March 25 passed the $2-trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act to help stabilize workers, families, and the economy during the COVID-19 public health crisis. The U.S. House of Representatives is expected to vote on Friday, March 27.  READ SUMMARY FROM NEA

Broward County Closures 03/23 Broward County issued an Executive Order on the closures in Broward County to help control the spread of Coronavirus as of 03/23/20  READ ORDER

DOE FAQ Information about schools from the Department of Education DOE FAQ

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act Both the US House and Senate passed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, H.R. 6201. It provides for free testing , paid emergency, family and medical leave, and more.   MORE INFO

Canvas and Online Instruction
Student Privacy Resources for
Distance Learning (0404)

As we shift to more virtual and distance-learning structures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important that educators understand how privacy laws impact educators in this new environment. View

Parent Help with
about Canvas (0404)

The BCPS Parent Information Hub for is designed to provide parents with information about BCPS digital initiatives. View

Additional information and for parents supporting their learners from Pre-K through Secondary can be found here.

Play Together, Learn Together
(Ages 3-5) (0404)

In this packet, families and caregivers can find suggested At Home Learning Activities for Ages 3-5 across the content areas of writing, reading, math, science, social studies, social emotional development, gross and fine motor, and technology that can be implemented with every day materials found in the home. View

Families should consider visiting the Supporting Young Learners open Canvas course at http://bit.ly/SupportingYoungLearners to access resources.

Pre-K Suggested Daily Schedules (0404)

These schedule are being provided as suggested samples that can be utilized for Pre-K providing remote instruction and family supports virtually.

2019-2020 Head Start/VPK Virtual Teaching and Family Supports View

2019-2020 PreK ESE Teaching and Family Supports View

Need Help with VPN? (0404)

Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology enables remote users to securely connect to the Broward County Public Schools network. VPN Instructions.

Five Tips to Get the Most Out of the BCPS Virtual Private Network (VPN) View

Teaching with Technology
Best Practices (0404)

It’s hard to know what to do and what not to do regarding distance learning and posting on social media during the extended school break. Here are some helpful tips from your colleagues at FEA. View

Video Conference
with Students (0331)

No, You Don't Have to Video Chat with Students.confirmed that your principal CANNOT mandate video chatting! It is a CHOICE. (Both Teams and Zoom support other forms of communication without video chats.) Read more

Exceptional Student Learning Guide The Exceptional Student Learning Support (ESLS) Division created Exceptional Student Learning Support - Pre-K - 12, a guide containing best practices, ideas, and resources for general education and ESE instructional staff (support facilitators, SLPs, special program teachers, and Pre-K ESE teachers).  View/save guide.

Need Help with Canvas? The following online course are offered to assist you:
  In addition, if you are interested in virtual help setting up a Canvas course, you can request it by completing this form

Voluntary Canvas Webinars

During spring break Innovative Learning is offering voluntary Canvas webinars.
Early Childhood
Head Start, VPK, Early Head Start, PreK ESLS, and Other Programs worked together to develop and share a common set of resources for all our BCPS early childhood teachers. 

This includes an ECE Canvas Course where teachers can:
  • Access Instructional Resources for Family Communications and Sharing
  • Collaborate with District Early Childhood District Teams & Teachers through Focused Discussions
  • Find Professional Learning Opportunities for Continued Learning
  • Access Program Specific Curriculum Resource

We also developed family focused hands-on at-home tools posted in collaboration with Elementary Learning on the Supporting Young Learners Course, on the Early Learning Website, and in the Canvas Course.  MORE INFO

TEAMS Microsoft Teams is a good collaboration too.   QUICK START GUIDE

Add a Canvas Module to Your Online Classroom
  1. Go to Commons (half circle with the arrow)
  2. Type, “target lesson keyword”
  3. Filter to your grade only, if it says all grades, you have to review the content to make sure it is at the appropriate grade level
  4. Choose a lesson by clicking on the name of the lesson
  5. On the right side there will be an import/download button
  6.  Click ONLY the class that will be using the modules. The more classes that you choose, the longer the transfer will take.
  7. File will download, bigger modules will take longer.  They will either go to Assignments or Modules
  8. Find the module, change it or publish it.  Once you publish it, the kids will have access to it unless you set it to be assigned at a future date.
Certification (0331) Certification deadlines have been externded. READ MORE. In addition, FEA has some great certification information: feaweb.org/covid19/qa-for-florida-students-parents-educators/#qacertification

The District shared these steps for Certificate Renewal

The State has committed to provide opportunities for anyone to meet all testing requirements for teacher certification, including General Knowledge, Professional Education and Subject Area Examinations, OR to retake examinations not previously passed, all free of charge.

Evaluations for this year FROM THE DOE: For the 2019-2020 school year, statewide assessments have been cancelled. This cancellation will impact the ability to calculate Florida’s Value-Added Model (VAM) as well as provide statewide data that many districts use to calculate the student performance component of some annual teacher evaluations.

For teachers who have not had their classroom observation completed, the implementation of instructional continuity plans may make meeting the observation requirement difficult to achieve. As a result, annual evaluations required under section 1012.34, F.S. are waived for the 2019-2020 school year. In addition, because teachers on annual contract who are on the performance salary schedule will not have evaluation results on which to base annual increases, the provisions in 1012.22, F.S. related to this requirement are waived.

This gives districts the flexibility to determine how they will calculate a teachers annual salary increases locally. The determination of how districts meet the differentiated pay component will be determined locally.

Employees Being Paid All units will continue to be paid through the end of the school year, including during the closure, which is currently scheduled through at least April 15.
Extending School Year There are currently no plans to extend the school year, but that can change depending on the course of the virus and the length of school closures.
Remote Instruction Begins on March 30 ALL classroom teachers, including specials teachers, are expected to be offering remote instruction for all classes starting Monday, March 30. The expectation is that all teachers who teach pre-K through grade 12 classes will provide instruction via distance learning to their students.
Remote Instruction Expectations When work resumes on March 30 and through the end of the school year, teachers will be required to take attendance, provide instruction, grade assignments and record grades.

Non-Classroom Teachers Expectations

Non-classroom teachers, such as guidance counselors, social workers, and math and reading coaches, will be expected to help classroom teachers with students who are having difficulty using CANVAS, are not reporting for class, or need help gathering their assignments; and to assist individual teachers and students with concerns.
Communications Tools In addition to Canvas, there are many options for communicating with students, including Skype, Yammer, Zoom, and setting up a Google Phone account (so individual cell phone numbers do not need to be shared.)
Asked by Principal to
Report to School?
If your principal asks you to report to the school to assist with distribution of laptops or any other reason, you may decline if you choose to due to health concerns. Participation is strictly voluntary.

Contract Ratification BTU is establishing an electronic ratification of the 2% raise and the Best & Brightest MOU, to take place within 2 weeks of spring break.