BTU Stewards

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Steward Docs

21-22 Steward Events
(as of 08.16.21)

Thu, Aug 5   Steward Training
Thu, Aug 12   Planning - No Meetings
Mon, Aug 16   Planning - No Meetings
Wed, Aug 25   E-Board Meeting
Mon, Sep 13   ESP Chat (Virtual)
Wed, Sep 15   ESP Steward Release
Wed, Sep 22   E-Board Meeting
Thu, Sep 30   EP Steward Release
Thu, Oct 2   New Teacher Orientation
Thu, Oct 7   Steward Council
Wed, Oct 27   E-Board Meeting
Thu,Nov 4   Town Hall (Tent)
Wed, Nov 10   ESP Steward Release
Wed, Nov 10   ESP Chat (Virtual)
Wed, Nov 17   ESP Appreciation Day
Thu, Nov 18   EP Steward Release
Thu, Nov 18   E-Board Meeting
Tue, Nov 30   ESP Chat
Fri, Dec 3   Steward Council
Wed, Dec 15   E-Board Meeting
Tue, Jan 11   FL Legislature Begins
Wed, Jan 19   ESP Steward Release
Wed, Jan 26   E-Board Meeting
Thu, Jan 27   EP Steward Release
Wed, Feb 23   E-Board Meeting
Wed, Mar 9   ESP Steward Release
Thu, Mar 10   Steward Council
Wed, Mar 16   ESP Chat (Virtual)
Wed, Mar 30   E-Board Meeting
Thu, Mar 31   EP Steward Release
Thu, Apr 7   Town Hall
Wed, Apr 27   E-Board Meeting
Tue, May 3   Teacher Appreciation Day
Fri, May 13   Checklist Deadline
Wed, May 18   ESP Steward Release
Thu, May 19   Steward Council
Tue, May 24   ESP Chat
Wed, May 25   E-Board Meeting
Thu, May 26   EP Steward Release
Thu, May 26   ESP Chat (Virtual)
Wed, Jun 22   E-Board Meeting

May 19, 2021 Steward Meeting