2018-19 Steward Elections
Steward elections for 2018-19 must be held at all work sites no later than Friday, May 4. The 2018 Steward Election Results Form must be be e-mailed to elections@btuonline.com no later than 5 pm on May 4. For your convenience and understanding, BTU has created a comprehensive steward election checklist. Please be sure to download all documents and thoroughly review the checklist, which includes detailed instructions on running your election, as well as sample emails for you to send to your members prior to the election.

Elections "To Do" List

NOW: - Set dates for Election.
Allow 7 days between announcement/call for nominations e-mail and the election. (Nominations due 3 full school days prior to election.)

14 days prior: - Request an up to date roster for your worksite.
E-mail Holly Corless at hcorless@btuonline.com or Shannon D’Avi at sdavi@btuonline.com.  (This will show members in good standing, eligible to run and vote.)

7 days prior:
- E-mail Election Announcement and post on BTU Bulletin Board. 

3 days prior: - Nominations Due and Create a ballot.
List full names of nominees in alphabetical order. 

2 days prior: - Find 2 neutral members (not nominees).
They will collect ballots and monitor voting.

At least 24 hours prior: – Announce Nominees.
Send email to BTU members with nominees and a reminder of the date/time/location of election.

Election Day: - Voting.
Each member must sign next to his/her name on roster in order to receive a ballot. Candidates may only be in voting area to cast ballot.

Election Day: - Tally votes and Send Election Results Form to BTU.
At least 2 non-candidate witnesses should count votes. Candidates and members may watch vote count. Steward Election Results Form listing names and contact info for each elected steward should be emailed to elections@btuonline.com immediately after votes are tallied.

Steward Election Instructions
(Includes Election Checklist,
Sample Election Announcement e-mail, Sample Nominees Announcement e-mail,
Sample ballot, Number of Stewards Chart)

Bulletin Board Announcement

2018 Vote Tally Form
(For use during count)

2018 Results Form
(Submit to BTU)

Need Help?
If your worksite does not have a steward, a BTU staff member or designee may conduct the election.

If you need assistance please call 954-486-6250 or send an email to elections@btuonline.com.

Challenges must be emailed no more than 15 calendar days after results are tallied to elections@btuonline.com. Challenges shall not be made in a phone call or in person, all concerns must be documented.