TSP Negotiations


BTU opened the session by proposing the following economic offers:

Article 11, Compensation

  • Section B. Step Increase:
    BTU proposed that the District advance all BTU-TSP employees one step on the salary schedule. BTU proposed that employees on the top step of the salary schedule or off schedule receive a one-time non-recurring bonus of $500. All increases would be retroactive to July 1, 2016.

  • Section C. Career Incentive Stipe:
    BTU proposed that employees who were hired before June 30, 2007 be paid a stipend based upon their years of service (employment date) as follows:
    • 15-20 years of service: $1,500 annually
    • Over 20 years of service: $2,000 annually

    An employee would be eligible for a Career Incentive Stipend on the employee's anniversary date. Effective July 1, 2016, eligible employees would be identified quarterly for the fiscal year and receive a lump sum payment no more than 30 days after the quarterly report is issued.

  • Section D. 2011 Furlough Repayment:
    BTU proposed that all current TSP employees as of the date of the ratification of the agreement who were subject to the 2011-12 five-day district-imposed furlough receive a one-time payment of five days at their current pay rate.
    The District did not comment on BTU's proposals. The session ended with the District promising to study the BTU proposals, which were based on the informal verbal proposal from the last session.

The District did not offer a counter proposal and will consider the proposals and discuss at the next session.

Next session:
The next session will be Wednesday, May 3 at 1:30 at a location to be determined. All members of the TSP bargaining unit are welcome to attend.



The TSP negotiations team has concluded negotiations with the district on all non-economic articles.

The following was tentatively agreed to:

  • We agreed with the district on minor revisions to the contract such as department name and position changes.
  • The district's chief negotiator agreed to recommend that the district permit the use of "compensatory time" during the summer 4-day work week.
  • Language was added to article 6-H flexible hours: "employees shall be allowed with the approval of their supervisor, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld, to adjust their work schedule to allow for medical appointments or personal emergencies."
  • Language was added to article 6-H flexible hours "Where feasible, an employee shall be granted release time through flexible scheduling to attend parent/teacher conferences or other school activities involving their children that may occur during the regular workday."
  • Language was added to allow Super seniority for site stewards and TSP Officers.
  • Language was added to Article 6, F working conditions "On call assignments shall be made on a rotation basis for all qualified employees".

An informal economic proposal was offered that included:

  • Longevity stipend
  • Step increase
  • 5-day furlough repayment for those employees subject to the 2011-12 furlough.

A formal proposal will be presented to the district at our April 19 negotiations session.

Next session:
April 19, 1:30 pm. BTU. All TSP members are invited to attend.

The negotiations team met with the district and was able to reach Tentative Agree (TA) on most of the remaining non-economic items.

The following was tentatively agreed to:

  • Article 14, Layoff and Recall, Section A: Order of Layoff
    The last group in Order of Layoff will be a building Designated Steward or TSP Elected Officials.
The following was withdrawn by BTU but the Labor Management Committee will review the language to ensure contract compliance:
  • Appendix H, section II
The following was proposed by BTU and rejected by the District, who will bring a counter-proposal next session:
  • Article 6 Working Conditions Section C (workweek)
    The district rejected BTU's counter proposal regarding the summer compressed 4-day work week. The district will bring a new counter proposal at the next session.
Salary Negotiations
Salary negotiations will begin after all non-salary items are decided and simultaneously with each of the other units, all of which are negotiating contracts with the district.

Next session
The next session will be Thursday, April 6 beginning at 1:30 p.m. at BTU. All BTU-TSP bargaining unit members are invited to attend.

The negotiations team met with the district on March 9, 2017 and was able to Tentatively Agree (TA) on two items: Article 6, Working Conditions, Sections F and H.

The following were tentatively agreed to:

  • Article 6, Section F
    The district and BTU agreed that for those TSP employees who volunteer for  on-call assignments, they will be made on a rotation basis for all qualified employees.

  • Article 6, Section H
    The TA’ed language in this article gives TSP employees the ability to obtain release time during the work day to attend daytime school activities involving their children. In addition, the approval of flexible hours by the supervisor shall not be unreasonably withheld.

The following were discussed and are still open (no agreement reached):

  • Article 6, Working Conditions, Section M: Time Clocks
    The district said it would present a counterproposal to BTU’s proposed language providing  that no exempt employee will be required to punch a time clock or report time through another mechanical method and that no exempt TSP employee will have their pay docked for non-use of a time keeping device or data collected from a mechanical security device.

  • Also being discussed
    The parties are still discussing steward and officer super seniority and the summer compressed 4-day work week.

Salary Negotiations
Salary negotiations will begin after all non-salary items are decided and simultaneously with each of the other units, all of which are negotiating contracts with the district.

Next session
The next session will be Thursday, March 23, 1:30 p.m. at BTU. All BTU-TSP bargaining unit members are invited to attend.

The BTU-TSP negotiation team met with the District at the BTU office. At this session, the district failed to submit any counterproposals and spent a majority of the time seeking clarification on BTU-TSP proposals addressding steward superseniority, the 4 day summer work week, the punching of time clocks, and attending school functions.

Tentative Agreements
The parties did agree to several minor name changes and clean up language for various articles. BTU-TSP will be submitting its economic proposals in the near future in solidarity with the other BTU negotiating units.

Next session
The next session BTU-TSP negotiating session is scheduled for March 9 at 1:30 at a district location to be determined.

The ten members of the BTU-TSP Negotiations team and the seven member District team met for four hours at the TSSC Bank Annex Building to exchange non-economic proposals. After opening remarks, the parties submitted proposals.

BTU-TSP opened 3 articles:

  • Article 5.
    BTU-TSP proposed a provision allowing super-seniority for TSP stewards and TSP officials to be given a preference from layoffs to the same extent as exists for BTU stewards in the EP and ESP bargaining units.

  • Article 6 (contains several proposals)
    1. First, adding relief to the 4 day summer work week for those TSP employees experiencing a hardship due to working the 4 day extended-hour summer work week.
    2. Second, adding language that all on-call assignments shall be made on a fair and equitable rotation basis.
    3. Third, adding language to the flexible hour provision for medical appointments and emergences providing that approval by a supervisor shall not be unreasonably withheld.
    4. Fourth, adding a new provision that excludes TSP exempt employees from having to punch time clocks.
    5. Fifth, a new provision allowing TSP employees to attend school functions during the work day with pay.  

  • Appendix H
    Language will be added to protect TSP employees that are deemed not to be qualified for a selected job/position from automatically being laid-off during the layoff process.

The district opened only one substantive proposal:

  • Article 11,  dealing with the collection of  over and under payments.

  • The district also presented 14 articles for "clean up" which they allege require minor name changes. The  BTU-TSP negotiating team is reviewing the district's proposals.

Next Meeting
The next BTU-TSP bargaining session with the district is scheduled to be held on February 23 at 1:30 pm at the BTU office. All members are welcome to attend.

The next TSP Negotiation Session has been scheduled for Thursday, January 26, 2017 at 1:00 PM in the TSSC Annex Bank Lobby. Employee Relations has approved the following Technical Support Professionals to be released to attend this meeting allowing ample travel time: Robert Carlough (BECON), Virgil Cruz (School Applications), Matt Decker (Building Department), Scott Gillen (Building Department), Clara Knowles (PPO), Kim Murray (Budget), Pam Norwood (Capital Budget) and Carolyn Steele (Nurse, Westwood Heights Elementary).
TSP Negotiations


  • Robert Carlough
  • Virgil Cruz
  • Matt Decker
  • Scott Gillen,
  • Cyrilla Bradley
  • Kim Murray
  • Carolyn Steele

  • Steve Feldman, Chief Negotiator

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Upcoming Session
Wednesday, May 3
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