2018-19 TSP Negotiations

February 22
Cancelled by District

January 24
The meeting started with the BTU-TSP and the District teams discussing language as it pertains to minor changes such as department name changes and capitalization. Also discussed redundant language in multiple areas of the contract, some of which BTU agreed to correct and some we felt should remain to protect both parties. We discussed substantive changes in Article15 Leaves and Article 5 Union Rights.
At one point of the District accused the BTU-TSP of delaying the process by not submitting all of our proposals at once, but later in the meeting after making progress with the districts recommendations, the district informed us that all of our proposals were rejected on the basis that it might cost the district money. The District Chief Financial Officer indicated she had been directed by the Superintendent to look for more money in the budget to provide raises and that the District should have some type of financial offer at the next negotiation session in February.

The TSP negotiation team will head back to the negotiation table on February 25th at 10:00 am at BTU to continue to negotiate with the district in good faith. Members are always welcome to attend sessions to view negotiations.

Dec 3
The session began with a detailed presentation by the District to both the TSP and EP teams of the District's proposed changes to the Insurance articles in the respective contracts (TSP Article 12 and EP Article 22.)

The effect of these proposed changes would be that District would continue providing employee coverage at no cost ONLY for employees on the Premier Choice plan. Those employees electing the Premier or Premier Plus plans would incur a monthly premium after the District paid a certain amount.

BTU rejected the District’s Insurance Proposal.

The District then presented a package of all of the non-economic proposed changes to the contract, which included some wording modifications, re-location of topics and sum substantial changes. BTU accepted minor changes to Articles 1, 2, 7, 14, and 16. The other articles will required further discussion and/or counter-proposals.

The next meeting for Technical Support Professionals will be 8:30-12:30 on December 17 at BTU.

Members are always welcome to attend sessions to view negotiations.

Nov 8
No Report

October 15
Technical Support Professionals, Education Professionals, and Education Support Professionals held a joint session with the District at Atlantic Technical Center.

Judith Marte, Chief Financial Officer for the District, presented an overview of the District Budget similar to the one she presented to the school board. Due to District enrollment being short of estimates, money has to be returned to the state, so finding money for raises is posing a challenge. However, she emphasized that the Superintendent and the School Board directed her to find money for raises for employees.

Next, Dildra Martin-Ogburn, the District's Director of Benefits and Employment Services, provided an overview of the Employee Health Insurance benefits and respective costs as they come out of the same pot of money as salaries. As part of the presentation, a comparison to Miami-Date and Palm Beach Schools Districts was shown.

The next meeting for Technical Support Professionals will be 12:30-5:00 on November 8 at BTU.

Members are always welcome to attend sessions to view negotiations.

October 1
The district started by withdrawing their proposed contract structural changes and submitted new changes to address the errors in their first proposal. The district explained the changes and where the errors in their first version were made. Some of the changes included incorporating previous approved MOU (Memo Of Understanding) language that need to be placed in the contract such as emergency working conditions and the Continuing Education Fund.

In the previous meeting the TSP Team had objected that some of the changes to the contract were substitutive changes and needed to be proposed as individual articles. The district agreed and proposed changes to Articles 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13 & 15. Due to some of the language changes and references to state and federal statues some of the article were forwarded to BTU legal for review and recommendations.

The TSP team discussed the proposed language and will respond back to the District and submit counter proposals and propose new language to the district during our session scheduled for November 8th.

August 27
The meeting started with introductions of team members on both sides of the table. The BTU TSP negotiating team members are   Matt Decker. Robert Carlough, Scott Gillen, Cyrilla Bradley, Kim Murray, Terrance Banarsee, Clara Knowles, and Cami Acceuss.

BCPS presented what they referred to as a revised, reorganized BTU/TSP contract. The discussion after consisted of a page by page review of the entire contract. At the end of the discussion the BTU/TSP negotiations team asked for a caucus to discuss the proposed changes. During the caucus several team members found discrepancies in the language being proposed by the District, which benefitted the District. The TSP/BTU team ended the negotiations session, so the team could have time to review the proposed changes before discussing further.

The tentative date of the next sesssion is October 1 at 1:00 PM Members are always welcome to attend sessions to view negotiations.

July 19
Negotiations for the 2018-19 contract began with opening statements by BTU President Anna Fusco, ESP Vice President Bernie Kemp and TSP Vice President Matt Decker.

This first session included all three units to discuss common concerns. Following introductions of the three BTU Negotiating teams and the District’s team, the two sides exchanged proposed ground rules for this year’s session. After a caucus to separately discuss the respective proposals, agreement was reached.

Before adjourning, the next session for the TSP unit was scheduled for August 27. Members are welcome to attend sessions to view negotiations