2018-19 EP Negotiations

April 23 –
Agreement Reached!

Teachers will receive across the board increases, insurance costs will be locked in for at least the rest of 2019, referendum supplements will begin in August and the evaluations system has been greatly improved in the new tentative agreements between BTU and the Broward School Board finalized this morning.

The agreement came after more than 1,500 of us made phone calls and sent emails to the board members and Mr. Runcie; and just 2 weeks after close to 1,000 of us swamped the School Board meeting, chanting and carrying signs, to let the superintendent and the board members know our frustrations. The board listened to us and directed their negotiating team to reach agreement with BTU.

The tentative agreements (one for 2018-2019 and one for 2019-2022) will be voted on by members of the BTU EP bargaining unit on Tuesday, April 30, 2019. After both BTU and the School Board have ratified the contract, increases will be added to paychecks with retroactive pay to January 1, 2019.

  • Highlights of the tentative agreements are listed below.
  • Items Tentatively Agreed to are listed at right.

Highlights of the 2018-19 tentative agreement

Salaries and Referendum Supplements:

  • Across-the-board salary increase of 2.16% for most educators (2.17 %/1.63% for PFP Highly Effective and Effective teachers to comply with state law), retroactive to January 1, 2019. This is an increase to the Base pay and will remain in place going forward until future increases are added.

  • For the 2019-2020 school year, referendum supplements ranging from $2,300 to $8,000. (see chart on Appendix E link at right in the green section).

  • An increase from 15 to 20 years of experience credit for new hires, an increase to all starting salaries AND equity adjustments for all current educational professionals hired with previous years of experience who are making less than new hires from outside the district with equivalent years of experience.


  • Guarantee of no employee premium contributions or co-pay increases, or plan design changes, to any of the 3 healthcare plans through 12/31/19.

Evaluations and PLC Wins:

  • Significant improvements to the Bridges evaluations system, including increasing the value of Applying/Accomplished from 3.0 to 3.25, as well as increasing deliberate practice to 15% and dropping IP to 50% of overall scores. This will provide an opportunity for significantly more teachers to earn the highly effective rating in Broward county. The changes will be effective in the 2018-19 school year.

  • Limits on time teachers can be directed to be in PLCs

  • Guarantee of principal training on proper use and operation of PLCs and District oversight protocol to monitor implementation

Probationary Teachers

  • Guarantee that probationary teachers who are released at the end of the school year and then rehired by the first day students report the following year will not be required to complete an additional probationary period

Highlights of the 2019-22 tentative agreement`
  • Salary and insurance re-openers for all three years of the 2019-2022 contract.
  • Referendum funding will be available for the EP unit all four years at the same level negotiated in the 2018-2019 re-opener. Specific distribution of referendum amounts will be negotiated each year. (see Appendix E in the Blue section at right)

April 18
Significant progress was made in the negotiations and tentative agreements were reached on many topics during the session which began @10:00 AM on Thursday, April 18th!

At 12:30 AM on Friday, April 19th, the session was suspended by mutual agreement to be resumed at 8:00 AM on Tuesday, April 23rd at KCW.   Details will be shared following the conclusion of the session.

March 22


After a tense day of bargaining on Friday, March 22, negotiators for BTU were exasperated at misinformation being spread by the District and were unable to reach agreement on raises, insurance and other issues for the 2018-2019 school year, as well as the allocation of referendum money for 2019-2020.  

BTU President Anna Fusco is standing firm that employees should not have to contribute toward healthcare in this contract and was angered that the School Board is following the misdirection of Chief Financial Officer Judy Marte and  pretends to not understand  that message.  “The public voted for the referendum because they wanted to give teachers a much deserved raise.  How dare the District try to use this long overdue raise as an opportunity to get $160 per month healthcare contribution out of teachers,” said Anna Fusco.  “It’s unacceptable!

The District’s latest salary offer was a 2% raise retroactive to January 1, 2019 and an average 7% supplement for next year (funded by the referendum).  

In response to BTU’s proposal to adjust the weighting of the three portions of evaluations evenly, the District responded with a puzzling counterproposal guaranteeing at least 60% of teachers would be highly effective. BUT then the District was purposely not forthcoming  on how that would occur.  President Fusco demanded further discussion on exactly how the evaluation scoring system would be adjusted.  “If the evaluation system was fair and not so subjective, our district would already have many more of our great of teachers rated as highly effective,” said Fusco. “We need to work on a fairer system.”

The District rejected BTU’s proposal to reduce the number of test preparation programs in the schools and the time spent on them, the elimination of Naviance, the elimination of mandatory PLCs and the proposal to eliminate principals’ ability to overturn a faculty vote on department heads or team leaders.  The District also rejected BTU’s proposal to eliminate the supervisory responsibilities of fellow teachers by academic coaches.  BTU’s negotiating team is NOT ACCEPTING THIS OPPRESSIVE level of disrespect. Our students need teachers...not tests and computer programs.

Both sides agreed to meet again on April 18 @ 10:00 am @ BTU.  BTU members needs to stay united and vocal.  Continue to let School Board members and the Superintendent via telephone or email or through social media to let them know how you feel about their latest proposals. 

March 1
The District opened the session by presenting a package proposal in response to previous BTU proposals covering financial and other concerns.

The District first addressed BTU’s 2018-19 wage increase proposal of 4% and 2019-20 tax referendum supplement proposal of 9% by countering with a 1.25% average increase to base salary for 2018-19 and a 5% average supplement funded by the referendum for 2019-2020.

BTU rejected both, making a good-faith counter proposal for 2018-19 of 3.75% while holding firm on 9% for 2019-20.

At the end of the day, the District increased their offers to 1.5% for 2018-19 and a 6% referendum funded supplement for 2019-20, while adding that the 2018-19 increase would be retroactive only to January 1, 2019. The District offer also included the caveat that referendum funded supplements could be reduced even further if SB 1028 passes. (SB 1028 would force Districts to share the referendum dollars with for-profit charters even though they were not part of verbiage that was voted on.). BTU will respond at the next session.

These offers were followed by another proposal for employees to contribute to health insurance premiums. The District is insistent that employees should pay a portion of the premiums for the two most expensive plans, a benefit that has always been free to Broward employees.  President Fusco is insistent they should not. Their offer would only provide free coverage to employees selecting Premier Choice, the least expensive plan.  The District’s proposal called for employees selecting Premier or Premier Plus to share the cost.
The District discussed, but did not offer a counter to the Memorandum of Understanding proposed by BTU that would revise the scoring for teacher evaluations.  The District said it is interested in accomplishing the same goal, but argued that it should be handled by the Evaluations Committee.
Similar solutions were offered by the District regarding BTU’s proposed changes to Article 30 (Miscellaneous) that would, among other things, provide teacher discretion over whether or not to utilize PLC’s plus decrease the amount of teaching time spent on test preparation.  The District did not agree with the basic tenant that PLCs should be optional while suggesting that PLC’s should be handled by the PLC committee and that issues about Testing time should be settled by the Labor-Management committee.
The District did not offer a counter to BTU’s proposal to modify Article Nine (Department Chairpersons, Curriculum Councils and Professional Development Council), sections A1, A2, and A4, saying they checked with principals and could not determine there was a need for a change in contract language, but did indicate they are willing to discuss further.
BTU proposed an addition to Article 18 that would allow probationary or any other teachers who are released at the end of a school year to not be considered to have a break in service if they are rehired or reinstated within the first three months of the following  year.   The District will respond next session.

The next session will be on Friday, March 22 and McFatter.

February 19
President Anna Fusco led off this session by telling the District that we are seeking its appreciation for teachers and other educational professionals in the form of both increased compensation as well time to teach!  In a year when money is tight, the District needs to step up and demonstrate that it values its teachers. BTU led off with three proposals to improve working conditions before putting on the table the first financial proposal for 2018-19 and a proposal for referendum funds for 2019-2020.

BTU  proposed changes to Article Nine (Department Chairpersons, Curriculum Councils and Professional Development Council), sections A1, A2, and A4 that would require the principal to submit the person who is elected as department/grade chairperson by the faculty to the Superintendent for approval.  The principal would no longer have the authority to override the election results.   Also included in the proposal was clarification that academic coaches, chairpersons, ESE specialists and team leaders do not have supervisory authority over any employees.

Next, BTU proposed changes to Article Thirty (Miscellaneous) sections G & H that would provide teacher discretion over whether to utilize PLC’s.  It also called for the elimination of the Keystone and Naviance programs.  In an attempt to limit the excessive amount of time taken away from teaching for mandated test prep programs, BTU proposed limiting mandated test preparation to one district-wide test preparation program that would be used only in grades in which the FSA is administered.  Mandated time would be limited to no more than 45 minutes each of ELA and math per week.  Additionally, principals would not be allowed to eliminate specials in place of test preparation programs.

The third proposal was a Memorandum of Understanding that would call for evaluations to be based equally (33-1/3% each) on Instructional Practice, Deliberate Practice, and Value Added Model (VAM) scores.  In addition it proposed that the Overall Evaluation Scale to be improved to: HE 3.300-4.0,  E 2.5-3.299, NI 2.000-2.499 and  U 1.00-1.999.

The District said they would get back to BTU on these proposals at the next session.

 BTU  then opened financial negotiations with an initial proposal of an average 4% increase to the base salary allocation for 2018-19 school year, and an initial proposal of a 9% pensionable supplement funded by the referendum for 2019-2020 for all BTU unit members covered under the terms of the referendum.  The distribution of any increased salary allocation and referendum funding will be addressed at future negotiations.

The District said they would get back to BTU on these financial proposals at the next session. 

The District did not present any proposals at this session.

The time, date, and location of the next session will be announced soon.

January 18
District Chief Financial Officer Judy Marte attended the negotiations session to inform us that the District heard President Anna Fusco’s requests to find funds to increase salaries by streamlining other budgets items.

She explained that the Superintendent directed her to make additional cuts to central office operations, freeze travel and office supplies, and update budgets based on a recent state funding report in order to find money for employee raises.  Following Board approval of these recommendations in February, the District negotiators will present a financial proposal to the union. 

The District also presented a revised health insurance proposal for 2020. While this proposal was more palatable than the previous one, BTU rejected it. President Fusco made it clear that we must work together to find insurance cost savings idea that offer affordable options for members that target members needs.

After numerous proposals over several sessions, BTU and the District reached agreement on a Memorandum of Understanding regarding “Differentiated Accountability” schools. The MOU focused on realistic rules for teachers in DA schools so designated by the state based on test scores.

As we continue negotiations on salary, insurance and other issues, bargaining has become more intense, making it important that BTU members stay united and strong.


Dec 13
Postponed. Next session January 18 at 8:30 @ McFatter.

Dec 3

The EP Negotiating team was asked to join the TSP team for a detailed presentation by the District to both the TSP and EP teams of the District's proposed changes to the Insurance articles in the respective contracts (TSP Article 12 and EP Article 22.)

The effect of these proposed changes would be that District would continue providing employee coverage at no cost ONLY for employees on the Premier Choice plan. Those employees electing the Premier or Premier Plus plans would incur a monthly premium after the District paid a certain amount.

BTU rejected the District’s Insurance Proposal.

The next regular session for EP Negotiations will be Thursday, December 13th at BTU beginning at 8:30 AM

Members are always welcome to attend sessions to view negotiations.

November 30
The District presented an update proposal for the MOU regarding Differentiated Accountability (DA) Schools. BTU offered a counter proposal that the District will review and discuss at the next session.

The District also offered final modifications to the effort to "cleanup" wording inconsistencies in the contract plus proposed changes to Article 18D (Personnel Files). BTU will review these proposals to be discussed at the next session.

Since the alloted time was running short, the District invited the EP team to attend a portion of the December 5th TSP Negotiations session beginning at 8:30 AM to listen to changes the District is proposing to Article 22 (Insurance)

The next regular session for EP Negotiations will be Thursday, December 13th at BTU beginning at 8:30 AM

Members are always welcome to attend sessions to view negotiations.

October 15

Education Professionals, Education Support Professionals, and Technical Support Professionals held a joint session with the District at Atlantic Technical Center.

Judith Marte, Chief Financial Officer for the District, presented an overview of the District Budget similar to the one she presented to the school board. Due to District enrollment being short of estimates, money has to be returned to the state, so finding money for raises is posing a challenge. However, she emphasized that the Superintendent and the School Board directed her to find money for raises for employees.

Next, Dildra Martin-Ogburn, the District's Director of Benefits and Employment Services, provided an overview of the Employee Health Insurance benefits and respective costs as they come out of the same pot of money as salaries. As part of the presentation, a comparison to Miami-Date and Palm Beach Schools Districts was shown.

The next meeting for Education Professionals will be 1:00-4:00 on November 30 at BTU.

Members are always welcome to attend sessions to view negotiations.

October 8
The district presented a “cleanup” version of the contract, which corrected capitalization errors, name changes (departments, committees, etc), and inconsistencies. In addition, the cleanup reduced the number of appendices from thirteen to six, with Appendices H, I, L, and M being added to the appropriate articles they were related to and Appendices G, J, and K being deleted due to obsolescence. None of these edits changed content or intent of the contract.

BTU then presented their recommendations for improvements to the MOU on the Differentiated Accountability (DA) Schools that the District previously presented.

The next session will be 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm on Monday, October 15th, 2018 at Atlantic Technical College in Coconut Creek. Members are welcome to attend.

September 14
Since the focus of this session was to negotiate the memorandum of understanding on differentiated accountability (DA) schools, members of the negotiations teams called and attempted to visit six DA schools to gather feedback on proposals from the affected members regarding contractual language for pay, lessons plans, planning time, transfers and more.

The teams were denied access to most of the schools they attempted to visit in direct violation of Article 29 (Section J). As this demonstrated that the District was not negotiating in good faith with the union by preventing a meeting with our members, BTU ended the session quickly until a solution is reached.

The next sesssion will be October 8. Members are always welcome to attend sessions to view negotiations.

September 7
The District presented a revised version of the memorandum of understanding on differentiated accountability (DA) schools. There was much discussion about contractual language for pay, lessons plans, planning time, transfers and more. BTU requested changes that will be made and brought back to a future session

The next sesssion will be September 14. Members are always welcome to attend sessions to view negotiations.

July 23
The BTU Team reviewed proposed program and rules for differentiated accountability (DA) schools in an effort to negotiate a memorandum of understanding between BTU and SBBC. The MOU will contain contractual language for pay, lessons plans, planning time, transfers and more.

The next sesssion will be September 7. Members are always welcome to attend sessions to view negotiations.

July 19
Negotiations for the 2018-19 contract began with opening statements by BTU President Anna Fusco, ESP Vice President Bernie Kemp and TSP Vice President Matt Decker.

This first session included all three units to discuss common concerns. Following introductions of the three BTU Negotiating teams and the District’s team, the two sides exchanged proposed ground rules for this year’s session. After a caucus to separately discuss the respective proposals, agreement was reached.

Before adjourning, the next sessions for the EP unit were scheduled for July 23rd, September 7, and September 14. Members are welcome to attend sessions to view negotiations















EP Negotiations

Tentative Agreement
     for 2018-19 Reopener

Article 18
   (Due Process/Personnel Files/Emp Eval)

Article 19 - E
   (Credit for Teaching Experience)

Article 22

Appendix E (Salary)
   (Page 1 - Grandfathered Salary Schedule
    Page 3 - Initial Placement of Teachers
    Page 4 - Pay for Performance
    Page 5 - Referendum Pay: 2019-20)

Memo of Understanding
   (Removal of Obsolete Language)

Memo of Understanding
   (Teacher Evaluations)

Memo of Understanding

Tentative Agreement
            for 2019-22

Appendix E (Salary)
   (Page 1 - Grandfathered Salary Schedule
    Page 3 - Initial Placement of Teachers
    Page 4 - Pay for Performance
    Page 5 - Referendum Pay: 2020-23)

Article 36
   (Term of Agreement for Contract)

NOTE: There will be reopeners for salary and insurance as well as for two additional Articles each year.

Negotiations Schedule

July 19 @ 1:30 PM @ BTU

July 23 @ 8:30 AM
@ Professional Development (Davie)

September 7 @ BTU @10:00 AM

September 14 @ 1:00 PM
@ Professional Development (Davie)

October 8 @ 9:00 AM @ BTU

October 15 @ 2:00 PM
@ Atlantic Technical College

Nov 30 @ 8:30 AM @ BTU

Dec 13 @ 8:30 AM @ BTU

January 18 @ 8:30 AM @ McFatter

February 19 @ 8:30 @ BTU

Friday, March 1
10:00 @ McFatter

Friday, March 22
10:00 @ McFatter

Thursday, April 18
10:00 AM @ BTU

Tuesday, April 23
8:00 AM @ KCW

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