2017-18 EP Negotiations

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December 14 - Ratification Voting Information

Contract ratification voting for the Educational Professionals salary re-opener tentative agreement for the 2017-2018 school year will take place at each school site on Thursday, December 14, 2017.

All members of the bargaining unit are eligible to vote, regardless of union membership.

The district has directed all principals to call a faculty meeting on Thursday, December 14 at all schools for the purpose of allowing union stewards to conduct the ratification vote.

Employees who are non-school-based EPs (ie. social workers, counselors, psychologists, etc) will be invited to the faculty meeting so they can vote at the site where they are working that day. 

There will be an additional EP voting site in the KC Wright building lobby from 10 am to 1 pm.

All members of the bargaining unit are invited to observe the ballot counting. BTU will announce final results to the bargaining unit within three (3) days of completion of voting. 



December 04 - Tentative Agreement Reached

Broward teachers will receive raises as high as 3.51% in the new tentative agreement reached by the Broward Teachers Union and the Broward County Public Schools.

The agreement is for the 2017-18 school year and raises will be retroactive to the beginning of the school year. Despite minimal funding from the state, the negotiators were able to craft an agreement in which most teachers will receive between 2.6% and 3.51% and some will be eligible for $300 or $1,000 bonuses depending on length of service.  

Teachers who missed out on large step increases when the state law changed, are eligible for a 3.5% increase.   Teachers rated as highly effective on the pay for performance schedule will receive 3.51%, in accordance with state law; teachers rated effective will receive 2.6%.

The agreement is as follows:

  • 3.5% for Levels M,N,O,P,Q, R
  • 2.6% for Levels A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,S
  • $1,000 one-time bonus payment for eligible teachers on Levels T and U
  • 3.51% for teachers rated highly effective
  • 2.6% for teachers rated effective

Teachers with 15 or more years of experience with the District will receive a one-time payment of $300, except for teachers on Levels S, T and U, in addition to their percentage increase based on their level. 

The tentative agreement must be ratified by all members of the Education Professionals bargaining unit and the School Board before becoming effective. BTU ratification voting is being planned for December 14.  Raises, retroactive payments and bonuses are expected to occur in January 2018.

Thank you to the BTU members who supported the negotiations team by contacting school board members and building community support for these negotiations. Our hard work paid off and we have reached an agreement that is much improved from the beginning of the bargaining process. Our unity and activism is our strength.

November 30
The contract negotiations on Thursday, November 30th opened with an opportunity for BTU to ask the District CFO questions about potential sources of money. Some answers were provided and a number will have to be researched by the District.

The District proposed a targeted distribution for Teachers with a varying level of increases for most levels. The EP team is studying the proposed distribution and will offer a counter proposal at the next session

The next negotiation session will be held at BTU on Monday, December 4. BTU proposed afternoon times to enable members to easily attend but the District team had conflicts that would push the next session into the following week. Monday’s session will begin at 8 AM.


November 20
BTU outright rejected what the district characterized as its "best and final offer" of a 2.2% salary increase for all units. BTU countered with 3.5%, repeatedly emphasizing that a budget analysis demonstrates that the district has a pattern of investing money in goods rather than people.

Representatives from each unit (Education Professionals, Education Support Professionals and Technical Support Professionals) each made heartfelt pleas to the board. However, it is clear that we must ALL commit to reaching out to our board members and superintendent with our stories of why we are worth at least the 3.5%.

Click here to access each board member and the superintendent's contact information. Send each and e-mail. Call each one and Superintendent Runcie. Post your displeasure on social media and get the word out that Broward's school employees will not accept the board's disgraceful offer. Salaries must not be based on budget "leftover"

The next negotiations session has been set for 1 pm on Thursday, November 30 at a location to be determined by the district. Stay tuned for updates so you can be there to support BTU's position.

November 13
In an offer that President Fusco told the district negotiating team "is insulting and degrading," the district proposed a 1.5% across the board salary increase for EP's and for the other two baragaining units.

On the heels of Superintendent Runcie's 9% salary increase, President Fusco said this was unacceptable and wrong and that it is now more important than ever for members to keep up the pressure on the district in opposing this ridiculous offer.

She called up on all members to "Raise your voices to the district by calling, texting and emailing board members and Mr. Runcie to say: We are worth more!" Take a few moments to express your feelings about why you deserve the 4.5% raise we proposed and the district has rejected. We all work hard, and we know the school district has more than 1.5% to give.

Click here for complete contact information for each board member and Mr. Runcie. Speak up for what is fair and just.

The next negotiations session for EP's will be on Monday, November 20 at the Atlantic Technical Center, Building 2 at 3 pm.

November 6 - Cancelled by District

On November 2, the District cancelled the long-scheduled session on November 6th.

October 30
Expecting the District to return to the table with an offer better than the 1% that BTU soundly rejected, the District instead brought the District's Chief Financial Officer back to the negotiations table to "answer questions" about funding and to suggest ways to divide the 1%.

BTU asked questions about additional PD money budgeted, costs of nationwide new teacher recruitment, retention rates at schools, and the cost of DROP extensions. None of these questions were adequately answered and the District again proposed the previously rejected 1%.

BTU again soundly rejected the 1% increase proposed by the board and reitereated that BTU is asking for 4.5%.

BTU requested that the times for the next agreed upon EP session on November 6th be changed to 5:00 so that members could attend, the district replied back requesting that it be set at 4:00.

October 23
After stating that "We want to be able to pay our employees as much as we can possibly pay them" the District then proposed a dismal 1% increase for teachers.

BTU soundly rejected that offer and asked the District to look closely at other items in the budget that would be sources of reallocation. BTU President Anna Fusco stated "We know there's money. They need to find it. They need to reallocate budget items if necessary. Our employees make Broward Schools look good. They deserve more."

The next negotiation session for EPs will be on October 30th at BTU at 1:00 PM.

October 12

The Broward Teachers Union opened negotiations with Broward County School Year for 2017-18. This year, by previous agreement, negotiations will only focus on financials. The session began with all three bargaining units (EP, ESP, TSP) being presented with an overview by the District's Chief Financial Officer of the additional money the District received from the state due to an increase in FTE and expected additional expenditures. Not surprisingly the amounts "zeroed out".

Discussion followed with BTU questioning the need for some of the mentioned expenditures. Once the overview ended, individual sessions were held with each unit.

As the EP session began, BTU reiterated their previous request for information, a list of items needed to make decisions about proposing raises. The District promised to send answers prior to the next bargaining session.

Although BTU was expecting to hear an initial proposal, the District deferred and stated they would wait for BTU to offer its initial proposal and then respond.

The next round of bargaining begins on Monday, October 23rd with the EP session starting at 10:00 AM

Negotiations Open October 12
We are pleased to announce that three sessions for the 2017-18 contract re-opener for salaries have been scheduled with the district for October 12, 23 and 30.

Representatives from the District and BTU held a pre-Negotiations meeting on September 25th to agree to discuss and establish ground rules and schedule.

All bargaining units will negotiate with the district on the same day. Each negotiations team is comprised of experienced members of each unit who negotiated the current contract. Updates will appear here following each bargaining session.

Leading the negotiations will be BTU Secretary Roosevelt Mcclary for the Education Support Professionals, BTU TSP Vice President Matt Decker for the Technical Support Professionals and BTU President Anna Fusco for the Education Professionals (Teachers).

BTU looks forward to engaging in successful salary negotiations with the district for all three units.

Next Session
The next session for EP Negotiations will be Thurday, Oct 12 at 1:00 PM at BTU. All members of the EP bargaining unit are welcome to attend.

EP Negotiations

Negotiations Schedule

October 12 • 1 PM @ BTU

October 23 • 10 AM @ BTU

October 30 • 1 PM @ BTU

November 06 • 4:00 PM @ BTU
(cancelled by District)

November 13 • Rock Island

November 20 • 3 PM Atlantic Tech

November 30 • 3 PM @ Atlantic Tech

December 4 • 8 am @ BTU

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