BTU Successfully Fights for Member Rights

It was brought to BTU’s attention that Emotional Behavior Disorder (EBD) sites were precluded from exercising their contractual right to vote on changing their school schedule.   It was reported to us that this mandate came from Superintendent Runcie.  
Preliminary research entailed speaking with the stewards, ascertaining schedules, coupled with the last time a schedule change was considered in compliance with the procedure delineated in State Statute and Article 15 of the BTU contract.  The responses varied.   However, it was clear that most center/sites have not voted in the past five (5) years, a time period which parallels Runcie’s time as Superintendent.

Scale of Justice
Accordingly, a grievance was filed.  The remedy sought was for the District and BTU to meet and develop methodology for immediate compliance with school schedule provisions and applicable state statutes.

The parties met on November 8th to discuss a wide range of topics and options pertaining to schedule changes.  In attendance for BTU were field staff representatives:  Dr. Allison Clarke, Dr. Dane Ramson and Diane Watts.

The District’s attendees were:  Byron Isaac, Employee and Labor Relations Specialist; Cadre Directors –Mrs. Estella Eckhardt and Dr. Alan Strauss; and Whispering Pines Principal, Michael Gleason.

The District agreed that middle school and high school centers have the right to vote on schedule options as delineated in the Collective bargaining Agreement.   BTU and the District agreed to jointly resolve the grievance based upon suggestions from Cadre Directors Eckhardt and Strauss to review the process with Center Principals at the next principal’s meeting, scheduled for November 18, 2016.  It is important to note that a vote to change the total school schedule may be taken for the following school year between the first Monday of October and second Friday of December.