2017-18 CSP Negotiations
05.16.2018 Ratification Vote Passes

Of 210 votes cast, 207 members votes in favor and 3 voted against the ratification of the contract. It is now awaiting City Commission approval.


The Tentative Agreement as been reached on the Addendum which amends Article 20-Salary. It will now be voted upon by the all members of the BTU-Pembroke Pines Charter Unit on May 1 and 2. View the Addendum

Update received 04.17.2018

We are currently negotiating salary increases for the 2017/2018 school year. Our next negotiations session is 4/18/18. We look forward to a tentative agreement.


The negotiations team and President Fusco met with city representatives to discuss wages for the current school year, 2017-18. After reviewing a few ground rules for negotiations, BTU then presented our offer, ready for a tentative agreement.

The city did NOT reject our proposal! After a brief caucus, city representatives said they will run a cost analysis of our offer and will discuss when we return to the table. on January 8. We are pleased that the meeting was mutually respectful and very productive.  

Your support and involvement has certainly improved our relationship with the city. Hope to see you all on January 8th!!!