CSP Negotiations

In a vote of 169 for and 32 against, the below Tentative Agreement for 2016-17 was ratified by Pines Charter Teachers.

Negotiations for the 2017-18 contract egotiations will begin on November 14 at 4:30 pm. 


Tentative Agreement has been reached for the 2016-17 Contract between BTU - Pembroke Pines Charter Teachers and the City of Pembroke Pines. The Addendum which focuses on wage increases, amends Article 20 Salary as follows:

Grandfathered teachers
  • Those NOT AT MAX will receive a guaranteed one time $1000 base salary increase plus an additional $250 if the city receives HB 7069 funds by March 1, 2018
  • Those AT MAXwill receive a guaranteed one-time lump-sum of $500 plus an additional $250 if the city receives HB 7069 funds by March 1, 2018

Pay for Performance teachers
  • Increases are dependent upon performance level as specified in section 20.7 of the contract for both the initial increase plus an additional increase if the city receives HB 7069 funds by March 1, 2018.
  • Those NOT AT MAX will receive increase(s) to guaranteed base salary.
  • Those AT MAX, will receive increase(s) as lump sums.
  • Teachers employed on the date of ratification will be paid retroactively to 7/1/2016.
  • Details regarding the ratification vote at each school site on November 1st are being finalized.
  • To view the signed tentative agreement, go to: www.btuonline.com/pdf/PPC_TA_102317.pdf

Negotiations for the 2017-18 contract are scheduled to begin on November 14 @ 4:30 PM


Our negotiations team met with the City of Pembroke Pines. More than 100 teachers attended, creating a standing-room-only crowd in city hall, necessitating a move to City Commission chambers to conduct the meeting.

The city presented a counter offer to BTU's last proposal, which the city rejected in the June 21 meeting. The city presented BTU with the same proposal that Charter School teachers already voted down! President Anna Fusco pointed that out to the city, saying that our choices were to counter the proposal once again or go to impasse. Attorney Kathleen Phillips added that although the city insisted it has no money to pay teachers, last year they granted they school administrators an average 15% raise. She pointed that the union's proposal asks for $525,000 for teacher raises while the city is offering $375,000, and that the city should be able to take the $125,000 difference out of its cash reserves. City negotiators said they have no authority to do so.

BTU again presented the city with its counterproposal from the June 21 meeting, whereupon the city's chief negotiator declared that the city's offer as presented was its best and final offer. During caucus, President Fusco asked teachers to vote on whether they wanted to accept the city's counter offer or go to impasse. Teachers unanimously voted to go to impasse. The meeting adjourned.

In the next step, a special magistrate will need to examine evidence from both sides and render a ruling, which the city can accept all, part or none of.

The teachers followed President Fusco to the Mayor's Café to talk to mayor. Initially, the mayor confronted the group and a heated exchange followed but ended with the mayor apologizing to the teachers and President Fusco and agreeing to speak to the budget manager about alternatives for finding the necessary $125,000.

After Impasse declared. BTU visits the Mayor


Your negotiations team, led by President Anna Fusco along with attorneys Kathleen Phillips and Libby Navarette, met with the City of Pembroke Pines again on June 21 to continue negotiating the first addendum to our current 3-year contract.

We would like to acknowledge huge impact of the approximately 100 teachers, parents and students who attended this negotiations session. With such a large group of Pines Charter stake holders supporting our BTU teachers, we anticipate positive results at our next meeting, which is July 12 at 9 am.

President Fusco opened the session by asking if the city had decided to accept BTU's June 5 counter-proposal that would increase teacher salaries by $1,500 for grandfathered teachers; and for those on pay for performance, by $1,875 (highly effective) or $1,406 (effective).

The city once again did not accept this counter offer, instead providing a new proposal that offered another pay reduction from their last proposal. They offered only a $500 increase for teachers with a $250 one-time payment for those at the top of the pay scale. The city insisted they needed funds to correct the lack of proper budgeting for 6th period supplements. In addition the city insisted on altering the language of our current contact to lower the supplement for those who take on an extra class. We rejected this offer.

BTU attorney Kathleen Phillips suggested that the city should amend its budget and if necessary use Pines Charter's well-funded reserves to correct the 2015-2017 supplements budgeting error. When asked, the city reported that the current reserves are at $4.4 million, $1.1 million short of their goal. The goal was explained as being 10% of the operating budget. This totals $5.3 million, which suggests a calculated budget of $53 million. However, the approved budget for 2017-18 is only $46 million, according to the city commission (6/21). This begs the question of where the extra money is going? The current reserves are quickly approaching the city's self-targeted goal and using these funds to fix the budget is obviously a valid solution.

The city would not entertain negotiations for 2017-18 salaries at this session, yet they proposed reducing the supplements for next year. Our negotiators quickly drew attention to this hypocrisy and refused to entertain any discussions that would change the supplements in our current contract.

The city still owes BTU several documents regarding teacher salaries, employee rosters, administration salaries, etc. The city could not give a valid reason as to why these documents were not already available. A plan of action was established to get this information.

The city tried to insist on videotaping the session but BTU President Anna Fusco countered that this was not part of the established ground rules for bargaining. The city attorney and city human resource director conceded.

Plan to bring your colleagues and friends to join us for the next negotiations session. which will be July 27 @ 10 am @ City Hall



The votes are in
By an overwhelming margin of 83% against to 17% for, Pines Charter Bargaining Unit members have voted against ratifying the 2016-17 contract addendum presented by the City of Pembroke Pines.

This action forces BTU and the City back to the negotiating table. We will keep you informed as developments occur.



The City of Pembroke Pines and the Broward Teachers Union have reached a Proposed Agreement regarding 2016-2017 wage increases. Meetings will be held to vote on the First Addendum to 2015-2018 Collective Bargaining Agreement as follows:

The tentative agreement will be voted on by all bargaining unit members (BTU members and non-members) at the following locations:

Monday, May 22 Central Campus 3 pm -5 pm
Tuesday, May 23 Academic Village
High School Campus
2 pm - 5 pm

  • All members of the bargaining unit are eligible to vote.

  • The meetings for contract ratification are open to all members of the bargaining unit, regardless of membership in the Union. Please bring identification.

  • A copy of the Proposed Agreement, entitled First Addendum to 2015-2018 Collective Bargaining Agreement, is available at the rgiht and at the Union office. Bargaining Unit members are encouraged to review the full text of the Proposed Agreement prior to voting, and to contact the Union if you have any questions. A copy of the Proposed Agreement will also be available at the meetings being conducted on the date(s) and time(s) above.

  • The vote taken at the ratification meeting(s) will be by secret ballot
    of all members of the bargaining unit attending the meeting. The vote will be publicly counted and the results will be announced at the conclusion of the voting and counting (at each voting location. The combined results of the voting conducted at the several meetings shall be announced within three (3) days after the final ratification meeting.)
No other business will be discussed or conducted during the ratification meeting

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At our negotiations on April 24, Dan Rothstein, the City's human resources director, recapped what they had proposed verbally (still nothing in writing) as their first, best, and final offer and asked what we had as a counter.

BTU assigned a lawyer, Patricia Ireland, started off with the statement that "we believe teachers give more value than what they are paid."

Despite the union's continued assertion that the offer does not recognize the value of teachers, the city would not move off it's position.

We were disappointed that the City still had not put their proposal in writing.

The city said it would send the proposal by April 27. When we receive it, our negotiations team and legal team will analyze it and discuss our strategy going forward.

At the end of the meeting, our lawyer asked if the teachers who attended Monday's negotiations could respectfully address those at the table. Both City representatives refused to listen to any teacher who had a question or comment. They cited that it was not a public meeting and that only people at the table were allowed to speak. This begs the question of why the City must post the event for the general public 24 hours in advance.

When the session was officially over many teachers continued to ask questions and the City's legal counsel repeatedly refused to address them. They believe the five members of your bargaining team do not have the membership behind them and are not speaking for the majority of the unit. We heard loud and clear, through the survey, that you were not going to accept the City's offer and we have stood firm.

As soon as we have the City's offer in writing and our team has had a chance review it and discuss our legal options, we will let you know. Stay tuned and stay united.


City offer rejected 2:1 by members responding to survey

With an increase in student funding for the 2016/2017 school year, the City of Pembroke Pines had an opportunity to reimburse teachers for HUGE financial losses suffered by teachers in 2012 when Charter teachers accepted large wage cuts to save the Charter system from privatization due to funding issues claimed by city officials. For many teachers these losses were $5000 or more. Salaries have only been increased ONCE since then by an average of only $1000. In addition, there have been NO cost of living increases.

Being realistic the CSP negotiations team asked for only half of the increase in funding to be shared with teachers. This equates to $3000 for grandfathered teachers, $3750 for highly effective paid for performance teachers, $2812 for effective paid for performance teachers, and $1785 for grandfathered teachers at the top of the pay scale.

However, the City of Pembroke Pines countered with a "last and final offer" of only a $1000 salary increase for grandfathered teachers, $1250 for highly effective paid for performance teachers, $937 for effective paid for performance teachers, and a one-time $500 bonus for grandfathered teachers at the top of the pay scale. Their offer was not presented in writing and was not open for negotiations at the table. As we all know this is NOT fair bargaining!!

City representatives claim their budget fell due to costs associated with building maintenance. In addition they chose to make improvements to school related facilities to improve the equity of their investment in property.

We question how this improves student learning. Meanwhile we are losing good teachers who are leaving the profession so they can support their families.

Charter teachers were surveyed asking if they wanted to accept the city's offer or return to the bargaining table to pursue fair salaries with the understanding that an impasse and arbitration is a possibility. Considerably more than half of our teachers responded to the survey and the results were 2:1 in favor of returning to the bargaining table to help our teachers.

The City of Pembroke Pines had agreed to meet our CSP negotiations team on January 31st, but the meeting has been postponed.


Awaiting our second meeting

Our Pines Charter negotiations team is awaiting our second meeting with representatives from the City of Pembroke Pines regarding our 2016-2017 contract. We are anticipating a change to our salary schedule for this year that will help teachers recover from major pay cuts dating back to 2012. Our team has presented the City of Pembroke Pines with a very reasonable proposal to improve teacher wages.

In addition, our BTU, with assistance from the FEA, is currently researching budget limitations that Pembroke Pines claims is restricting their ability to properly compensate Charter teachers for their devoted service, thus allowing teachers to keep up with the ever increasing cost of living in South Florida. Hopefully we will be sitting down at the table soon