First Vice President
Two candidates successfully qualified to be nominated for the office of First Vice President. On the ballot, voters will select one preferred candidate. Both were invited to the Executive Officer Candidate 2019 Forum Member meetings where they had the opportunity to be videoed for this page. All Executive Officer candiduates were invited to submit a candidate statement of 250 words by February 15.

Terry Lopez-Preuss

Terry Lopez Preuss = Integrity, Tenacity, Dedication, Experience - proven over 3 decades of service to Education and Broward.

I’m your VOICE for membership advocacy at BTU and your elected First Vice President. I have proudly served with a hardworking group of officers, seen winning negotiations in member pay and contract gains, watched BTU rise from 9000 members to 12000 to become the 4th largest union in the United States. We have made BTU Strong, Open to Members and an Action Force respected in our community.

I served as an Executive Board Member for 5 years and a Steward for 10. I am a National Board Certified Teacher, NSU/SFWP Teacher Consultant, SBBC Equity Liaison, Restorative Justice Peace Circle Keeper, and a proud delegate member of our professional organizations AFT, NEA, FEA.
I’ve taught in Los Angeles, Dade and Broward… all grade levels and all subjects from PE to Language Arts, from Advanced World History to Drop Out Prevention. I understand the common plight and struggles we face.
I will continue to serve you with honor, dignity, courage and fearless pursuit of what is right.

Just One check on the ballot for “BTU True Blue Action 4 Members Slate” will ensure we keep the existing team at BTU, obtaining winning contracts through strong negotiations and higher raises than anyone in the state.  

As an active member of the Badass Teachers Association, Florida BATs, Broward BATs, I Support Public Schools’ dedicated Education Professionals!

Let’s Stop: Privatizing, Charterizing, Voucherizing and take back our Profession!

Yaniria Smith

My Name is Yaniria Smith, I have been an educator for 15 years within the Broward County School Board. I received my Bachelors in Business Administration from Florida International University. My Educational Certificate consists of Middle Grades English, as well as being Reading and ESOL Endorsed. Not only am I an educator of academics, but I also educate about life and reality. I have received certificates of recognition for being a highly effective teacher, as well as from the Florida Department of Education for being a high impact teacher.

I was raised in New York City, one of the world’s most diverse cities, which taught me how to be well-rounded, purposeful, and persistent. My family helped me become a confident and out spoken woman.

It is my goal to bring unity and integrity back to the Broward Teacher’s Union. The BTU should be supporting educational professionals and doing what’s right for its members. I’m passionate about organizing, and negotiating for the betterment of teachers. Even though Florida is a right to work state that does not mean that we can’t do what’s right for the professionals, who guide our youth academically, mentally, and emotionally. I can no longer sit back and watch this profession be disrespected. We are expected to show up to work to enlighten and encourage, but ignore our financial hardships. This will be no easy task, but determination, morals, and a no non-sense personality is what will drive me to get the job done!