Two candidates successfully qualified to be nominated for the office of Treasurer. On the ballot, voters will select one preferred candidate. Both were invited to the Executive Officer Candidate 2019 Forum Member meetings where they had the opportunity to be videoed for this page. All Executive Officer candidates were invited to submit a candidate statement of 250 words by February 15.

Vincent Newman





Chris Townley

I Chris Townley am running for reelection as Treasurer.

I am an ESE teacher who has been teaching in Broward for fifteen years. I have a master’s degree in Public Administration with a specialty in Public Budgeting and Finance. I am married to a teacher and have two daughters who have attended Broward County Schools since Kindergarten.

As a member of the BTU I have served as steward, been on various committees including the BTU Grievance Committee and the District Attendance Committee, and I have served as an executive board member.

As the treasurer I am the chair of the Budget Committee. We are responsible for making sure that the money that comes in is used for its intended purpose, and we have succeeded. We have cut unnecessary expenses, increased funding for member services, and have had no audit issues or concerns over that time.
During my time with the executive board I have
continued to be an advocate for all members and hope to continue as the uncompromising steward of your money. During my term, membership has grown, and our finances have never been in better hands.

We are “True-Blue Action 4 Members” and we are here for you!

Along with President Fusco, Vice President Preuss, and Secretary McClary, I am very proud to represent and advocate for you as an executive officer in this great organization. There is still work to be done and will continue fighting for you every day!