Proposed Amendment to Bylaws Article 2

The following Amendment was introduced to Stewards at the March 7, 2018 Steward Council Meeting.

Section 4.  Elections

  1. The election of officers shall be held every four three years. The election cycle shall begin in January of the year in which elections are held and shall end with the resolution of election appeals.
  2. Elections shall be conducted by mail ballot, or by an equally reliable and accepted method, as determined by the Executive Board, to all eligible voting members of the BTU bargaining unit.
  3. Only members in good standing, active or retired, shall be eligible to vote for Executive Officers (President, 1st Vice President, Secretary and/or Treasurer).
  4. Only active members in good standing shall be eligible to vote for At-Large Executive Board members.
  5. New members whose dues were received thirty (30) or more days prior to the   nomination period shall be eligible to vote.
  6. Only members of each respective bargaining unit shall be eligible to vote in the election of TSP/CSP/ESP vice presidents and designated EP/TSP/CSP/ESP executive board members.
  7. Only the following four (4) executive officers – president, first vice president, secretary, and treasurer – shall be permitted to slate on the ballot.     For all other candidates, slating shall be prohibited; they shall be listed individually on the election ballot.
  8. Elections shall be conducted in conformity with US Labor Standards and the Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act, 1959 (LMRDA).

Section 7. Office-Holding Limitations.

No member shall hold more than one executive board office at a time. Executive officers shall be limited to no more than three consecutive terms in the same executive office.

[Proviso:These office holding limitations shall take effect with the 2016 election.]




Steward Council Meeting. -   3/7/18