From President Fusco

I'm Anna Fusco and I'm proud to be your BTU President. Along with Vice President Terry Lopez Preuss, Secretary Roosevelt McClary, and Treasurer Chris Townley, we bring new energy to the fight to represent you.

We will have a stronger negotiating voice and are seeking to build a professional working relationship with the school district. To do so, we hired an experienced labor lawyer to spearhead our efforts to negotiate new contracts. Through collective bargaining, all voices of the entire workforce are heard and their needs are listened to. The resolution must be one that is best for the collective group, and not just on the side of the employer.

There are increasing attacks across the country on the rights of all workers. It is important for us to organize to fight those attacks vigorously through collective bargaining, legal action and by electing board members, state legislators, and national representatives who understand the needs of our profession and our union. We have the power to make this happen. We must make our voices heard by both the board and legislature.

Anna Fusco

  We must make our voices heard by both the board and the legislature.

We will also focus on improving working conditions for all employees across all bargaining units, so that all are safe and are treated fairly and equitably. Our union will stand up for its members.

We have begun streamlining our operating expenses so that we can redirect those funds to benefit members by improving their representation.

All of us are the Union. We are one. The Union Hall is open to you. Please come see us.

In Solidarity,
Anna Fusco